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India View is web directory and information resource on India - containing information on Indian economy, travel, culture, natural resources etc. and links to select web sites from India and abroad.

The Link Directory is organized by subject - every web-site is examined by our editor for quality of content and relevance. Selected sites are placed in appropriate category based on editor's evaluation and your suggestions.

We invite you to exchange link with us. While requesting link exchange - please note:

  1. Check to see if your site is already listed - if your site is already listed, you need not submit it again.
  2. The link to indialib.com must already be placed at the time of your submission (http://www.indialib.com) from your website.
  3. Suggest an appropriate Category and a short description of your site. In case you do not find relevant category - please suggest new category. Please do not use capital letters or capitalise the first letter of every word. HTML tags are not allowed. Avoid repeating words in title, description and keywords.
  4. Please make sure your site supports multiple browsers and capabilities, its up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week and no part of your site is under construction. All links on your site should work.
  5. Submit your Site ONLY ONCE. Remember, India View is a human-edited directory - not automated search engine. Multiple submissions of the same site would delay the processing of your submission.
  6. indialib.com reserves the right to choose which sites/URLs appear in the directory.

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Indialib : Indialib - Information, Links, Humour, Statistics, Web Directory and Seach Engine on India - focusing international trade and business
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